Jasminko Kontrec is an experienced facilitator, trainer and college lecturer. Originally from Croatia, he was educated in Belgium and later obtained an MA degree in Asian Religious from Cardiff University, UK. For five years he has also lived as a Hindu monk, dedicating his pursuits to the study of Indian philosophy, self-reflection, and spiritual practice. He has lectured widely on the Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga philosophy all over Europe, including London, Moscow, Budapest, Brussels, and Berlin. He has a mind that is open to wonder and passion for learning, whether about M-theory in physics or the Kaizen way in business, which has certainly enhanced his ability to critically examine the adopted rules of the thumb. He is most inspired by integral personal development, which is also the main reason why he loves facilitating workshops, for they give him the opportunity to grow and learn along with the participants. He is currently based in Berlin.


The Power of Team

Teams are as old as civilization. Even Jesus had 12 co-workers and Buddha formed a community of followers to help him  spread his  teachings, for, as noted by Helen Keller, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. But things can go wrong and people are often unable to work well together.
Building teams is easy to talk about but difficult to accomplish. This workshop about teams and teamwork focuses on the process and requirements needed to achieve highly effective teamwork. It also empowers one to become a better team player, a quality in high demand in business, sport or in the community. While this workshop focuses on achieving highly effective teamwork in the business arena, the principles are applicable in all cases where more than 2 persons interact with each other.
This workshop explores questions, such as: what principles make teamwork great; who is a team player; why is teamwork important, and extols the benefits of teamwork beyond the workplace success.

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